Are you caught in a constant struggle to…

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Are you caught in a constant struggle to…

You can have excuses or results. But, you can’t have both. When you focus on results, your excuses disappear.

The definition of an EXCUSE is: a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. So here is the what, why, when and how to let go of your excuses.

1) WHAT: First of all, identify everything that is stopping you from moving forward. Is it Complaining? Blaming? Finger-pointing? Waiting for all of your ducks to line up? Are you looking at what you don’t have instead of what you do have? Figure it out and write it down.

2) WHY: Why are you holding on to your excuses? What is the pay off? What are the benefits of staying small? Does it feel “comfortable and familiar”?

3) WHEN: Decide when you are going to let go of your excuses. *Hint: TODAY is a perfect day to let go.

4) HOW: Focus on all of the good you will create for yourself AND others by just doing it! The others part is the key. Sometimes we do more to help others than ourselves because when we have a cause that is bigger than just ourselves, we tend to give our best. So, focus on helping your family, supporting your clients, or perhaps you want to prevent people you will never meet from hurting the way you once hurt, by being an inspiration.

Remember, you are NOT helping anyone while choosing to stay in bondage.

I truly believe giving excuses is one of the most painful forms of self-abuse.

No more excuses! Now is your time!