He is back-slapping traffic technique no one talks about!

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We touched on this.

I’ve lost count how many gurus have sold
traffic getting systems using Joint Venture
partners and affiliates.

Nothing wrong with that.

Just a bit ironic, when the system they’re
selling has jack to do with JV partners
and affiliates.

Oh the irony.

All they’re doing is working through their
system. The one that worked for the last
launch and probably the next one too!

They go through their rolodex, pull out the
names of their back-slapping friends with
huge email lists and enroll them to help
selling the course.

Now if you don’t have that same rolodex…

… what’s a guy to do!

First off, simply stop buying them courses.

They’ll just distract you and eat up the
time you could actually have spent driving

Second, grab a pen a paper and start to make
a plan.

You see the best businesses, that churn out
consistently good results are the ones with

Like the grease ridden, fast-food chain run
by teenagers who haven’t a clue…

… a billionaire dollar business run by
teenagers. That’s the REAL power of systems.

Systems can let you turn traffic from a tough
task into an easy job and one you can even
pay someone else to do.

So you pick a traffic generation method you
like, say blog commenting.

Then you go and do it.

You write down every step you took on how you
found the blog, how you structured your
comment and where you linked back to.

Then you repeat the process and your keep a
record of the blogs you visited and got
involved on.

That piece of paper becomes your system, your
checklist. Next week you go through the
exact same process at the exact same time.

Only this time you don’t have to think.

You pull the blog URLs out of your checklist.

Your post the comments as you did on your
checklist and link back to the pages on your
website as you said on your checklist.

No thinking necessary, save that for the
money making activities and it’s all 100%

You’ve even written the check list to pass
on to your outsourcer. Wouldn’t be hard
to video yourself doing it too and give
them that as well.

Now you’re one step closer to putting your
traffic on the closest thing to autopilot
that exists.

Wash, rinse and repeat.

The grand traffic, email finale is heading
your way soon, keep your eyes peeled!

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