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Cryp Trade

Hey Hero!

It´s Nigel ” The Wizard ”

Just giving you a heads up and FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE on this brand new business
that I joined just a few weeks back & I guarantee your going to hear a lot more about it!


Paying over 17%pm MINIMUM from the CryptoCurrency markets!
I checked this out for days before getting started and even longer before promoting it but WOW…
it’s GENIUS! I only started this properly 30 days ago and
it’s working like clockwork already paying EVERY DAY, 7 days a week!


One of my friends made over $180k in his first 4 MONTHS with this! Your one of the the first to know about it.


I’m already earning over $1000 a month almost PASSIVE before momentum has even kicked in!!!


My friend from Germany made over $3 Million group team sales in his first 4 months!


This is totally insane and mind bending!


Just be aware that it’s so simple MOST PEOPLE won’t believe it! But I know you’re better than that.


It’s well managed simplicity, at it’s BEST!


Also has an optional 8 level paying affiliate program that pays out between 0.5-7%
AND THAT IS HUGE in this kind of pay plan!


If you want more info then PM me for more info…






First go here and register for FREE –


Get a verified wallet to manage your transactions and earnings. Register for your free flexible wallet here –


(It’s 2017 so you really need those Bitcoin wallets anyway…They’ll be useful for so many other projects too!)


Make sure you’ve registered for this MASSIVE income opportunity with Cryp Trade Capital here for FREE –


It really is that simple!


Do it now then let me know when you have registered


You can contact me direct on Skype. Add me at – nigel_63


Here’s a quick video 2 minute video presentation which which explains how the Trading Platform works!


Here’s a video with me and my business partner discussing the numbers, looking at the compound effect and sharing back office screenshots!


If you qualify, I can then also add you to our leaders Facebook group chat.


I also Just created new PASSIVE INCOME Team Facebook Group FEEL free to Join The group and Add all your team members


In addition to the PASSIVE INCOME of Cryp Trade Capital, be sure to check out the PINNED POST in that group to discover an entire diversification strategy and get focussed on WEALTH BUILDING!




For the BIG players, I also created a VIP group where we discuss wealth building strategies AND marketing strategies for exponential growth! Lets talk about getting you qualified for that group





Let me know when you set up and ready to start earning 17%+ PER MONTH!

Be Your Own Hero!


Your friend & mentor