You don’t need Google for free traffic

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There’s money in the ‘crap’ niche.

A friend of mine has his own construction
company. They’re only a small company but on
site they don’t always have toilets.

So he bought himself several portable loos.

And when they’re not needed, he hires them
out. On a good day you can see them getting
transported on the back of a truck.

There’s real money in crap.

He turns a profit providing a service other
people dont want to get in on but get this…

… he outsources the cleaning to a company
who specialize in emptying portable toilets.

Not much fun, but who’d have thought it.

There’s good money in doing the crap others
don’t want to.

And more often than not, it’s just because
other people are too damn lazy.

That’s all.

You see in this Google Panda and Penguin you
got to start thinking laterally.

Trying new stuff and daring to be different.

You can build up your own traffic networks,
through lists, through blogs and joining in
the conversation in online communities.

You can buy your traffic or get involved in
social media.

But the one method no one ever talks about.

And it’s great if your starting out without
a budget.

It’s called bartering, a long lost skill.

You barter or trade your skills, sometimes
your time and in return someone sends you

Say you got a friend who’s a great product
creator but rubbish when it comes to managing

Well, you manage the project, put up the sales
page and build the website and in return…

… you put an exit-pop up on the sales page
and send those visitors to your squeeze page.

I think it’s jeenius.

Some dude needs 10 articles, you write them
and in return he sends an email to his list
and you get a volley of traffic.

Not so hard.

You put a link to someone elses list on your
download page and, in return, they do the
same for you.

A simple like-for-like trade.

It’s one of the reasons networking and meeting
like minded folk is important.

Even for anti-social marketers.

But none of this is hard.

It’s just the stuff other people don’t
want to do.

Which is EXACTLY why it works.

With a little thinking time and a few friends
you could be whipping up your own traffic
network in no time at all.

Who needs Google, eh?

working from home?