FREE Leads or FREE Money? Both please!

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A free lead generation system can be used to generate leads and income in 2 ways.

The first is by marketing www.freeleads  directly as a premium business opportunity and the second is by using the system to generate leads and sales for your primary business, thru follow-up emails from your auto responder.

The idea is that you can use this system to produce free leads for any opportunity you are marketing because every time you generate a new lead through this software, that person will then pass leads up to you through their marketing efforts, all without anyone every buying a thing…but how does it work?

How DoesWork?

The free system works like this:

1) You sign up for free under your sponsor, check out the system, and start promoting your capture page.

2) You get your first lead. That lead is passed up to your sponsor, as are the next two.

3) Next, you get your fourth lead. This lead and every lead hereafter are yours to keep.

4) This fourth lead also starts your first “lead line”.

5) Within each lead line that you own, you will keep every qualifying lead (every person’s first 3) down through infinity.

Here’s a short video from The creator :


But what happens when someone upgrades?

The above explanation is how the system works when all members are free members.

If you were to sign up and decided to opt for the premium version, you would be automatically qualified to start generating lead lines. This means you would never have to pass up any leads to your sponsor to qualify.

This is a great incentive for upgrading because if you are indeed marketing with the system, even if you are only using it to boost leads for your main company, there will inevitably be some people who like what they see and decide to upgrade to premium; and it would be a shame to miss out on all those commissions.

premium membership

Upgrading to a premium membership, should you choose to do so. Upgrades are done through the back office, which you get access to when you sign up for the free version, of a one time $44.95 payment.

The option to consider if you’re looking for a complete and low cost internet marketing tool suite to help you run a successful business online.


Compensation Plan

But why should you upgrade? How much can you earn and how does it pay?

Do you remember those lead lines we discussed.

Every lead that gets passed up to you becomes your personal referral which means you will receive commissions if and when each of them upgrades to a premium membership.

If your referral chooses and pays the one time $44.95 to upgrade, you will earn $25 of that.

And $25 from every qualifying lead that upgrades,  down through infinity.

Autoresponder Integration

The system also provides full integration with AWeber with the auto responder I prefer and use.

Bottom Line

This system is about leveraging your efforts. You can make money by building it directly as a business, use it as a compelling front end offer to generate more leads and sales for your primary company, or some combination of the two.

Either way, you end up multiplying your efforts through the power of lead lines, potentially producing 3 times the results with the same amount of effort.

So, does this really produce free leads?

Yes! and will greatly increase your optins as it multiplies your marketing efforts by leveraging the efforts of your leads. One lead can potentially turn into hundreds on autopilot as they continuously pass up to you through your lead lines. And all of this happens without anyone, yourself included, ever having to buy a single thing.

So yes…you can indeed produce free leads.

To Your Online Success,

Nigel Williamson

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