If I was starting over, I’d do this with traffic

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This’ll knock yer socks off. nr:two

Or if you already know it then you should be
out there doing, not reading!

Actually while we’re on it, an old buddy
introduced me to the learning and applying

In the beginning you spend most of your time
learning. You do very little applying.

So for every 10 hours learning, you might only
spend an hour or so taking action.

As time goes by you’ve learned lots so it
makes sense you should spend more time DOING.

Problem is, online, information is addictive
and people continue on their merry way.

Learning, learning, a little action and then
back to learning again.

You need to watch that learning to applying
ratio. Start to spin that ratio around and
spend at least 50% of your time DOING, taking
action and eventually get it up towards 90%.

Otherwise you’re like the grocery owner who
spends his days reading about groceries and
forgets to open up shop.

No wonder he’s broke!

Back to traffic….

There’s only two sources online:

[+] Free traffic
[+] Paid traffic

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And both will cost you.

One costs you money, while the other costs you
time. Now here’s the stupid bit.

I made this mistake, multiple times.

Remember in the previous email how I talked
about all the guru’s making money selling
their traffic systems?

Here’s the dealio. They know newbies hate
spending money on traffic. They’re scared of
paid traffic.

The guru’s know you’d rather spend $97 on
learning how to get FREE traffic than go and
spend $97 on buying traffic.

See the irony?!

When I realized I was doing this, I went nuts.

I realized how stupid I’d been.

Over the years I reackon I could’ve invested
thousands into traffic, built 5 figure lists
from buying solo ads and definitely moved
forward a whole lot faster…

… instead of buying course after course,
buying coaching and god knows what else.

Now I’m all for free traffic.

Article syndication is great, blogging and
building a community is fantastic. They’re
all part of the jig-saw BUT.

This is a BIG but.

They take time to grow and leverage.

Paid traffic is instant. It’s on tap.

Makes sense to chuck paid traffic at your
sites first, get results and over time build
up the slower, organic methods.

It’s a painful mistake, if I were to go back
in time, it’s the one thing I’d do different.

Sleep on it, think about it…

Keep your eyes peeled ‘cos next you’ll be
finding out the ONE thing more important than

It’s a shocker.

See you in a day or two,

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