More important than traffic (… and a lot like dating)

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Traffic ain’t the big dawg you think it is. Nr:3

It might be the life blood of your business
but I can think of something W-A-Y more
important bruv’er.

This changed my entire outlook on marketing
and the way I do stuff, for the better.

Forget traffic.

Focus on conversions.

No buts, no what’s and no if’s please.

Conversions is where the magic happens.

Like dating, it ain’t about all the girls you
talk to, it’s about the special one who
actually says “Yes”.

She’s the one you’re interested in.

Remember the last email, the one I said your
traffic is either free or paid for?

Well imagine spending thousands of dollars
or investing hundreds of hours into driving

Only to find it all your visitors instantly
hit the ‘back button’ on their browser ‘cos
your site sucked.

It didn’t convert.

For every dollar you invested, or every hour
you spent working…

… you got nothing back.

Hurts right?

Flip the switch and focus on conversions.

Then drive a little bit of traffic and see
what it does. Watch what the visitors do and
how the site performs.

So you go back, tweak a little more, send a
little more traffic.

Slowly but surely you watch your site improve
and the money starts to flow.

Like I said, conversions is where the magic

Now for every dollar you invest you’re getting
two dollars back. Or for every hour you spend
getting free traffic you make 50, 100, 150 bucks.


Point is:

How much money or how much time would your invest?

All of it maybe?!

Food for thought and there’s more to come, keep
your eyes peeled.


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